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A Complete Guide for Selecting Pickup Truck Bed Covers

There are many reasons to buy pickup truck bed covers, from weather conditions, to fuel efficiency, to safety, and ensuring that the unfastened things on the bed don't fly out while traveling at high speeds. When purchasing pickup truck bed covers, think of how it will be used, what material you want, if you want east access to the truck bed, if you want it locked or not, and if it will be in the way of any tool boxes or ladder racks. These covers also keep the contents of your truck bed dry. There are many types of covers that you can get. Let's have a glance at the commonly used kinds of pick up truck bed covers.

Truck Bed Covers

Usually Truck bed covers are known as Tonneau covers. "Tonneau" is the French name for "cover" and ever since the 1970s the world has used this name to refer to the cover that goes over your pickup truck's bed. Truck Bed Covers are used for protecting bed contents from extremities of weather, and to keep it safe away from robbery as well; however, these are no the only benefits that you get. Pick up truck bed covers can perk up the appearance of the truck and also be a solution for the vehicle's drag, thereby saving gas for you.

When you uncover the truck bed, it pulls air in downward direction which is actually poor aerodynamics. This will cause a lot of drag on the vehicle when it is moving at high speeds. Apart from causing considerable noise, this drag also affects fuel efficiency. By using pick up truck bed covers to cover the bed, the drag and the associated noise can be reduced and fuel efficiency improved.

Here are the common types of truck bed covers:

Hard truck bed covers

The hard truck bed covers are usually made with fiberglass, aluminum or hard plastic. These fiberglass pick up truck bed covers can be bought as models arriving in one, two or three piece. Hard truck bed covers provide a lock arrangement to safeguard things from robbery. One piece hard truck bed covers open from rear using a hydraulic arm. The two and three piece hard truck bed covers usually open from front and back or the sides. These kinds of hard truck bed covers are usually even and in the same color as the vehicle itself. Many of these are hinged so that all you have to do is just lift one end for accessing things on the tray. In addition, these are the priciest among pick up truck bed covers.

Soft Truck Covers

Soft Truck Covers allow you to uncover and unsnap just a part of the truck bed at any particular time. So you need not expose other stuffs in the bed to extremities of weather. Tough fabric-like substance is used to make Soft pick up truck bed covers and they have bows that help them to maintain their shape in water and snow. They use a tongue and groove arrangement, snaps, or velcro to affix to the truck tray. Another kind of vinyl roll up cover fixes to the truck using a frame which can be installed in very little time. The frame comes with a clamping arrangement so you need not waste time for drilling holes.

Folding Truck Bed Covers

You can also go for folding truck bed covers. Generally, folding truck bed covers are expensive than the non-folding category. You don't have to drill these latest types of tops to its place; all you have to do is use some locks and clams and it is all ready for use. After setting up, confirm the extent to which it can be opened up and also check whether it locks well for added safety. To sum up the advantages, folding truck bed covers are great when you want grand looks for lesser price. Also, these lock nicely in their positions, and give exceptional bed access. However, companies have not yet arrived with a design that is water tight.

Things to consider while buying pick up truck bed covers:

First of all you should think about the material you are interested in getting. Are you looking for lock? What kind of access are you looking for? What is your budget? Is it easy to install? Do you want a roll up, fold up, or a one piece? Do you want a flush mounted cover or one that sits on top of the bed? Will it interfere with racks above the bed or tool box that you have? Is there enough room between the cover and a bed extender in order for it to swivel over onto the tailgate without catching on anything? How will it stand up to the weather and anything else? When you keep these things in mind, selecting pick up truck bed covers for your specific needs will be so much simpler.

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