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Performance car parts are those that are manufactured and designed in such a way that it improves the performance of your car and they are the most important items that every person who is passionate about driving a car. These parts also aid in increasing the productivity of the engine of the car and the car enthusiast must have all the details on the performance of the car. The high performance parts for the car also help the various other parts of the car like exhaust, power module and spark plugs. And all the car manufacturers have also developed the different performance parts for their car.

Types of high performance car parts

There are three types of performance car parts - Brakes, suspension bracket and the engine.


The most important part of the car after the engine is the brake as it is the part that carries one of the major functions out. As the technology has grown in the years to a great extent, there have been numerous improvisations in the working and manufacturing of brakes and as a result, there are many advanced and sophisticated technologies that are employed. Some of the different types of brakes are,

Wooden block brake - in which there is block of wood connected to the lever and this type of brake cannot be employed on rubber tires. The driver just has to pull the lever and the wooden block presses on the wheel and hence stops the automobile.

Drum brake - This is further classified into two types and is identified using the position of the self adjuster or the star wheel. There is a metal drum like structure into the rim of the wheel and when the brake drum is removed from the automobile and kept on a flat surface with the open side it look like a frying pan but without a handle. The inner smooth side surface is the braking surface. There is a pair of brake shoes into the brake drum and they are attached to the inner portion of the wheel using a set of clips spring with which the shoes move forward and backward. It is only when the brake is applied that the shoes and the brake drum are in contact and when the there is an application of the brake, the shoes are forced outwards until they make a contact with the inside of the brake drum and hence stopping the rotation of the wheel.

Disc brake - Disc brakes also function in a similar manner but with a different configuration. The drum like structure in the drum brake is replaced by a metal disc or a rotor that is mounted inside the wheel and behind the rim of the wheel. When the brakes are applied, the inner pad of the wheel is forced against the rotor and with a greater application of force; the pad pushes further against the rotor until the caliper slides on its slide pins pulls the outer pad against the rotor. This is the most used caliper design in cars.

The updated version of the brakes helps in the effective supervision of the car even while driving at a high speed. Therefore, it is important that you carefully choose the brake system for you car so that it does not deter the performance of your car else, the working temperature of the car increases and in extreme cases, results in the failure of the brakes.

The suspension bracket

This is another one of the high performance car parts that plays a major role in increasing the general productivity of the car. As a result of technological advancements, the suspension system maintains a contact with the tires, thereby leaving a positive geometrical impact on the on the suspension bracket and there is a greater performance of the car.

There is variety of configurations of car suspensions and the fundamental elements of the suspension system are the springs and shock absorbers. The springs are provided to mechanically maintain a disconnection between the shocking forces exerted by the wheels of the vehicles and the passengers of the automobile. Springs are sometimes replaced by torsion bars or metal leaves and perform the same function as that of the coiled spring. The shock absorbers are present to damp the motion of the wheels over the uneven surfaces of the road. The resistance to the kinetic energy is attained by using a hydraulic system and the shock absorbers according to different speeds which implies the more the energy absorbed by them, the more resistance they provide. This enables the firm grip of the wheels of the car during drives on smooth roads.


The engine is considered to be the heart of the car and there are many performance auto or car parts that provide a higher performance to the engine that are available in the market. The horse power of the engine can be increased by
  • Changing the ROM chip in the engine control unit, but this serves well only when you modify air intake, exhaust system and header.
  • Installing exhaust systems that perform well and include large tail pipes and headers to reduce the air resistance to let the out the exhaust easily.
  • Installation of turbo chargers helps in the increase of the amount of air in the cylinder thereby adding more oxygen to the combustion process and increased horse power.
  • Provisions for cooling the compressed air by installing an intercooler which is a combination of radiator and turbocharger.
  • Installation of an air filter helps in the removal of dust particles before it enters the cylinder and the size of the filter plays an important role too. The bigger, the better.
  • Iridium sparkplugs are some of the high performance car parts which help in the increase of the horsepower of the engine. It works even more better when there is regular cleaning done.

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