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Girls are far different from the boys and so are their opinions and views. The boys generally wish for things that they can impress others with, things that are practical and masculine whereas girls go for things that look pretty and those that they are comfortable with. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers of all the things have given importance to the things that are liked and used by both the genders. Previously, the manufacturers did not emphasize on the likes and dislikes of the women and later on every other item in the market began to appear according to the tastes of both men and women. Similar is the case of car accessories where there is a number of colors and patterns that differs according to the likes of different girls and in line with the latest trend.

Car seat covers

One of the car accessories for girls is the car seat cover which is more prominent than any other car accessories. There are a variety of patterns, colors and materials in which the car set covers are available. Some of the girlish colors are pink, purple and turquoise. Among the many types of car seat covers, the Hawaiian set covers are the most popular as they are more comfortable when compared to the other type of covers. Pink is the most sought after color by the girls and is another of the popular types among the girls. You can easily find the cover for you car seat from the internet at low prices by choosing the top manufacturers and comparing the prices at which they provide the items. The pink colored seat covers add a cute personality to the car thereby characterizing the woman or girl. They are also inexpensive and easy to clean and replace and also protect the seats from spills, dirt and dust.

License plates

License plates of cars are usually boring and plain. To make it more colorful and appealing, the girls can do their license plated with frames that are decorative and feminine. There are a number of patterns and colors of frames for the license plates available in the market from which the girls can make an interesting choice of their own. There are a number of suggestions on the internet about the different frames and colors of license plate that help in adding to the girlish look to the car. You can also add thoughtful messages to the frames that add more interest; mainly the accessory must reflect your personality.

Car mats and steering wheel covers

Car mats are usually black in color to camouflage the dust and dirt in the interior of the car, but it can be made more interesting by adding designs to it. There can be flower patterns on the mat in any color of your choice. There are many that are available according to the latest fashion. The car mats are sold at high prices by few of the manufacturers, but that does not mean it has a high quality and has a capacity to last really long. Before zeroing in on a particular design after the considering the costs, it is important to thoroughly research about the quality of the particular accessories and analyzing it through the reviews made online about that accessory. One of the other ways is to gain knowledge through the people who have already used the products of the company. There are also four piece mat sets is with edges colored in pink along with a heel pad for the driver. The steering wheels are also available in pink a color which has two pads for the seat belt.

Car wash kit

The job of washing the car is made more fun and enjoyable for the girls when everything around is pink in color. There are available a number of car wash kits which include a collapsible bucket, a suede chamois cloth, a sponge, a duster and a chenille mit that is housed in a waterproof display pouch and all in pink color. All these items ensure a clean and tidy look to your car.

Air freshener

There are also many kinds of air fresheners for the cars that suit the tastes and likes of the women. These are available in different shapes of cute dolls and flowers that add beauty along with a long lasting freshness and fragrance in the air.


Organizer is an accessory for the car that can be attached to the seat of a car or any other place that does not disturbs the passengers in the car. They are used to hold some of the tiny objects that you use almost daily while on the drive. There are different sizes and shapes of the organizing kits from which the girls can choose from the wide variety that are available in pink and other girlish colors according to their choice.


Of the girly car accessories, the sunshade can be more feminine, as there are a number of designs that include those depicting cartoons and fairy tales.

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Car accessories play a major role in offering comfort and help to personalize with your interested add-ons.

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