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Dog car seats, belts and dog car accessories for a safe long travel

Are you looking for dog car seats and safety travel ideas with your pets on a long drive? You can learn more about dog car accessories and safety travel measures as we proceed. Choosing apt doggie car seats is essential with suitable guide, which best fit for your vehicle.

Keep your dog calm while taking for a car ride. There are two main products designed especially for the dogs in the market namely the dog seat belts and dog car seats with covers. Seat belts help in keeping the dog restrained and keep them calm in the place of the seat provided. Car seats will allow your pet to gaze outside and also prevents it from slipping or sliding down the seat when coming to sudden halt.


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How to choose dog car seats?

There are certain factors to be checked and analyzed before getting the dog car seats and also pet seat covers for your car. Dog guards for cars are required to keep safety from the pet dogs, inorder to maintain cleanliness inside the vehicle. Choosing the suitable Dog guards for cars and cheap seat covers helps in protecting the car from damaging due to dirtying activities of the dog.

Here are some beneficial tips on choosing the dog car seats.
  • Check for your pet dog size and decide on whether small or large car seats are required.
  • Look for the available choice of car seats apt for your pet.
  • Check for the comfort of your dog to get into the seat.
  • Why to use dog car seats?
  • Look for Tips on how to choose the right dog car seat
  • Look for maintenance instructions to keep the dog car seat tidy from dirt, odor and hair fall of your pets.
  • Check for suitability with the dog if it can adopt with the seat.
  • Check for seat covers and other such car accessories for your dog travel.

Maintenance of the dog car seat

The basic thing to know about is most of the dog seats are fabric ones with removable facilities. It can easily be removes and washed to maintain with utmost cleanliness. There are certain ways to clean the seat after a long travel. To remove the dog hair u can just wipe off the seat with a damp towel a fur roller can also be used to remove pet hair from the car seat. This is essential to keep off the hair from spreading throughout other clothes

If you need to clean the pet car seats because of the odor you can very well use a washer. Remove the material, add ¼ cup of vinegar to the regular laundry detergent and make a clean wash. Rubbing of baking powder over the dog car seat can also help in the removal of the dog odor. Fabric softener can keep the dog car seat fresh out of the dog odor.

Washing the pet dog car seat is essential as it may cause infection. Being removable it is not so difficult to clean yet you can use a rug shampoo to clean the seat. Using an air freshener on a regular usage is crucial to keep freshness around. Lysol or similar products can keep out dog odor.

All about pet car safety

If you own a pet dog and are forced to travel frequently with you pet on unavoidable circumstances safety measures are more important. Car is usually the safest environment for dogs to travel. Some of the car safety aspects that are to be checked for are.
  • Do not allow your dog to roam inside the car without control. It would be hindering the travel if you pet disturbs you while driving so your first and foremost purchase will be of a dog car seat.
  • Get you dog done with its business before entering you car as I may lead to unnecessary clean up work.
  • Give a calm place for your dog to get out of the car to avoid running out in the busy road disturbing the traffic as well as the other dogs outside.
  • Do not lock your dogs inside the car with open windows, which is to be avoided during hottest months. Pets can not withstand with stress, suffocation and heat environment.
  • Bring with you water and the bowl from which you pet feeds. This keeps off your pets thirst even during colder seasons.
  • Make sure to place you pets traveling at the back seat than in the font side. As traveling at the front side will lead to some health problems to you pets.
  • Observe the reactions of your pets if it could manage to travel inside the car. There are some dogs which may be nervous to travel in the car which may require a pat or treat as a symbol of encouragement.
  • Pack a little trip bag for you pet with food, treats and first aid kit along with dog accessories that are essential for the travel.
  • Do not feed you pet dog three hours before traveling in car. It is recommended to coop up you dog in the car while traveling long.
Dog car seats are always protective to keep the interior of the car clean and tidy. Since puppies are prone to meet with more accidents than dogs the seats helps in the safety shield. The more you use dog car seats and covers the sooner your pooch becomes adjustable with it.

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