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A truck is a motor vehicle that is used for the transport of cargoes and is available in various sizes according to the requirement. The commercial trucks are generally larger in size when compared to other medium sized trucks and use either petrol or diesel as their fuel. Trucks were said to be first used in 1611 and were referred to the carts that were used for shifting heavy loads from one place to another. As years passes by, the trucks were manufactured with many other facilities and there were many types of trucks that came into existence and served for many other purposes. The latest among them is the custom trucks which are the result of your own imagination and needs. They provide options for you to analyze your needs and then create the truck accordingly.

Basic amenities for customizing your truck


One of the first steps to build a custom truck in fabricating a cutting edge truck is to alter the ride height. This provides an extension of your personality and this the only way to make your wheel and tire selection fit the wheel well openings of your truck. There are various components available to make the customization of your truck perfect.


Tires are one of the automatic products that most custom truck owners concentrate on buying as the looks for custom trucks almost depend upon the type of tires. As there are a number of sizes and dimensions of tires available, it is important to be careful while selecting the tire of the right size and height.


The interior look of the custom truck is as important as that of the exterior. There are many options of beautifying the look of the interior by using the heights of your creativity.

Types of custom trucks

Custom 4x4 trucks

This is a type of truck that most truck owners adore regardless of the brand they belong to. A custom 4x4 truck is called so due to the number of tires the vehicle has and the number of tires which obtain power directly from the vehicle. They are popular because they possess features like mud bogging, pulling out of other vehicles from mud or snow and driving over bumpy surfaces.

Some of the advantages of the custom 4x4 trucks are that, they handle a variety of terrain, more reliable and easily handled in snow. It has become cheaper than before and the parts are readily available at many stores and at affordable rates. The 4x4 mud trucks are manufactured for a better traction in the mud.

Custom show trucks

Custom show trucks are known for its beauty and are admirable than other kind of trucks. The truck lovers observe the show truck as a true piece of art. You can turn your old truck into a custom show truck and also exhibit it but you will need a CDL license to exhibit your shoe truck. Most of the custom show trucks were custom classic trucks but they have now become a rarer these days and serve as the true gems among the custom show trucks. There are also means through which you can make money using your custom show trucks. You can get your truck enrolled in any of the competitions and earn chances of wining a fortune. Custom show semi trucks have also become as popular as the other custom show trucks, just that they are smaller in size.

Lifted custom Chevy trucks

They are impressive due to their size and need to be taken well care of to maintain their look. The lifted custom Chevy trucks draw more attention while on the road. And you must be careful while planning to lift the custom Chevy trucks and need to concentrate on the factors that are related. But make sure they are not lifted to the maximum height and one must be more careful while driving the lifted custom Chevy trucks.

Some other types of the custom trucks are custom show trucks and custom model show semi trucks.

Buying a custom truck

When you are fully sure that you can devote enough time for the maintenance of your truck, you can by all means think of buying a custom truck. Most of the persons who want to own a custom truck often want their truck to stand out from the others and look cool. The owners, who are extremely enthusiastic about customizing their trucks, also have the cabs and bonnets of their trucks spray painted. There are also some who get the entire body of their truck painted to make it look cool.

The best idea of obtaining a custom truck is to first buy the standard kind of truck and then customize it yourself depending upon your needs and wishes. Before buying the truck, it is important to ensure that all the papers for the vehicle is in place and it is also better to gain knowledge on how the vehicle had been previously serviced and maintained. Also make sure that the truck has not met with any accidents in its history.

If you are not too sound in the mechanics of the truck, hire a professional mechanic to check the whole of the body and the engine. The one thing you must remember is that the maintenance of the trucks is likely to take a toll on your pocket as the accessories for the truck are comparatively expensive. Some other items that you can install in your truck are curtains for the windows, television and radio for your entertainment and the completeness of the interiors and a laptop with internet facilities so that you can stay in touch with all your friends while on the go.

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