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When you purchase something expensive, it is necessary that you keep it safe from anti social elements by taking proper precautionary measures. And when you purchase a car, it is really important that you pay attention to the protection measures for it. This is mostly necessary when you reside in places where thefts and burglaries are common. The best way to safeguard your car is to lock it inside a garage at the backyard of your house. But not all are so well off to build a garage for the car. In such cases or even otherwise, remember that there are two aspects regarding precautions. One: it is extremely crucial to equip you car with various security systems available in the market, which acts as 'prevention'. Second: never forget to insure your car with the most affordable auto insurance rates in the market. This acts as a 'cure'!

With the various technological advancements, there have been a number of car security alarm systems which provide a guaranteed safety for your car.

Types of security systems for your car

The three types of car security systems are audible security systems, inaudible security systems and ignition system immobilizers.

Audible security systems

The audible security systems are the ones that raise an alert to the people around when the car is breached. These systems raise an alert using a loud alarm that is installed inside the car. The car security alarm systems of this kind also include a panic button that is helpful in setting off the alarm when the button is pushed on the key fob. There are also alarm systems that include a computerized voice command system that keeps the thief away from your car. Some others are programmed in such a way that the horn of the car starts honking, other whistling sounds. The sensitivity of the alarms can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. The only disadvantage of the system is the annoying sound it creates.

Inaudible security systems

The next one is the inaudible security system that is contrary to the audible security systems. The alarm, in this case does not alert the people around but it is programmed in such a way that it directly alerts the owner of the vehicle through pager or any other message sending device. This type of security system is disadvantageous as it does not alert the thief and by the time you reach your vehicle to stop the intruder, he may have gone with your car or any other items you have inside your car.

Ignition system immobilizers

The latest form of security for the cars is the ignition immobilizer system immobilizers in which there is there is no access granted to the ignition to the unauthorized person. This can be carried out using computerized programming that is installed in the vehicle.

Methods of protection for your cars

Conventional type of alarms

The car security alarm system is the most popular type of security system and has been in the market for many years. The alarm in the system generates sound immediately after the car is touched by a stranger. The sound of the alarm is so shrill that it frightens the thief and the attention of the other people is also drawn towards him. Such types of conventional alarms also are employed with motion detectors and shock sensors. It consists of a program of sensors that are connected together for the detection of the touch and then the alarm is triggered. The sensors and detectors are connected to a control unit using which the interpretation of the signal takes place and then the alarm is triggered.

Immobilizer systems

Another way of providing protection to you car is to make use of immobilizer systems. It is an electronic device fitted to any automobile to keep the engine from starting unless the right key is used. They had gained so much popularity that they had become mandatory in all cars manufactured in Germany from 1st January 1998. The ignition circuit of the car gets completely broken once it is parked and makes it impossible to move the car. The older cars which do not have the immobilizer systems can be equipped with one later but they have to be activated manually unlike the readily employed ones which operate automatically.

Heavy car locking systems

Heavy locks are considered to be the safest methods of security for your car. There are a variety of locks that offer a great deal of security to your car and it is important for you to choose the right rock that well suits your car. A majority of the car users employ steering locks to their cars. Some other types of locks are handbrake locks, pedal locks and gear stick locks. Make sure you do not go for locks that are light as they are easily breakable thus making things easy for the thieves. It is better to choose the locks that are heavier and tough.

Locking wheel nuts

Locking wheel nuts are another option that is useful in providing good security to your car. The main advantage of locking wheel nut is that it is inexpensive yet proves to be as good as the rest of the security providing devices. They are preferred to the alloy wheels as they are more expensive.

Tracking systems

They are the most expensive of all the security systems for the car and can prove to be a safe bet too. They are mostly employed in the most expensive luxury cars. There is a need to obtain services from the tracking company which makes use of the GPS technology for tracking the location of your car. This is done by installing a transmitter in the car using which the location of the car can be traced.

Two-way car security remote alarm system

The two-way car security remote alarm system consists of a mini remote that can be installed to your key ring or kept into your pocket. Using the interface the status of the alarm system can be monitored and many operations like turning on and off of the system or the start and stopping of the engine can be done from as far as 3000 feet away.

Car security camera

The car security camera can be installed in any part of the car so that you can keep track of all the happening in and around your car. This is another way of keeping the theft at bay.

Armored car security

In case of danger to life while in the car, you can have yourself saved using the armored car security as the glass of the windows and body of the vehicle are made of materials that are damage proof. The civilian armored car does not look any different from any other standard cars. They are specially designed for the very important persons.

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