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A baby car seat or an infant safety seat is a seat for the small children equipped with different safety features. They have been made a must for the automobile in many western countries in order to keep the children within safety norms. The rules and regulations put forth for the passenger safety also has the inclusion of rules for ensuring safety for the children who travel in cars. And long journeys tire the children to a great extent and also develop pains in their back and to avoid this, there is a need of a seat in the car that makes them more comfortable while on the move. There are many types of seats manufactured that help the children find comfort out of which the baby car seats with bar that pulls down over the head are gaining popularity. These types include both expensive and cheap baby car seats from which you can select the one you can afford. There is also baby car seats state farm insurance for the infant seats you purchase. Such is the importance given to the installation of baby car seats in some countries.

Types of car seats

There are four types of car seats available and they are classified according to the special features they are provided with.

Group 0

They are those that keep the baby facing toward the rear of the car and which are fixed to a place using a standard adult belt or an ISO fix fitting. The carrycots of the group 0 are designed in such a way that they hold the baby while it lies on its back. A carry cot is a system that holds the child in a position in which the spinal cord of the child is vertical and perpendicular to the longitudinal plane of the automobile. It is designed in a way for the even distribution of the forces over the head and torso of the child while there is a collision and is best when put on the rear seat of the car. They have handles to allow easy movement of the seat in and out of the car. There is no provision of air bags other than curtain airbags. It works best for the children upto ten kg and aged twelve months.

Group 0+

This type has a chassis that is permanently fixed to the car with the help of an adult seat belt. It can usually be fitted into a pushchair with the integral handle. The group 0+ infant seat is a rear facing child seat and is safer than those that are forward facing as there is more provision for the support for the child's head at the times of deceleration. Although there are many parents who prefer front facing seats, the laws and manufacturers are always in favor of the rear facing baby seats. This type of seat in recommended for the children weighing two to thirteen kg and aged 15 months.

Group 1

This is also a type of baby seat that is fixed to the car permanently using an adult seat belt so that it is held in place. This is also a rear facing seat with the provisions of only curtain air bags and is suitable for children whose weight ranges from 9 to 18 kg and age is 9 months to four years.

Group 2

This front facing seat with a sitting position is larger than the group 1 format and suits the child weighing from 15 to 25 kg and the aged 4 to 6 years. It requires an adult belt to catch hold of the child in place.

Group 3

The group 3 seats are also called booster seats and are forward facing and hold the child in a sitting position. The children whose weight is from 22 to 36 kg find the booster seats more comfortable. The recommended age for the seats is from four to ten years.

Choosing the right car seat for your baby

It is very important to consider many factors before buying a baby car seat like its cost, quality, design and the safety rating. There may cheap baby car seats that come with less quality and protection and those that safer but more expensive. So you need to know the right measures to find the best car seat at affordable prices.

  • Firstly, check how heavy the baby car seat is and choose the one that you think can manage with.
  • Make sure it is easy to fit and remove. As there are large seats that do not fit through the door of the car, it is another important factor you have to look for.
  • There must not be any complications in installing the seat and a need for you to refer the manual each time you fit in the baby seat.
  • Check if the straps are easier to loosen or tighten and if they fir your child correctly.
  • Ensure if your child can really find comfort with the seat you buy and if there is bolster protection.
  • Find out if there are any other features for the convenience of your child like single handed adjustment of straps.
  • Pick the color that does not show any marks of grubby fingers and other means of dirt.
  • Check if the cover of the seat is removable and most important washable.
  • Also check if the user manual provides enough information on the cleaning methods of the seat covers.

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